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Thread: Satin Red Evo 8

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    Satin Red Evo 8

    Dropped by Dip Your Car all the way from Atlanta

    lol panty droppin

    This was my first time dipping, i dont have a big enough garage. So i rented out a storage unit lol and to top it off just to let you guys know how forgiving this paint is. My gf with no experience with paint what so ever finished this paint job for me as i was kicked out of the storage unit haha. Not an expert but if you guys got questions dont be afraid to PM me. Thanks for looking!

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    Nice!!! what place did you rent out? did they kick you out for spraying? LOL how did you get kicked out haha
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    damn... that looks good. the car is not bad either. lol...

    i wanted to do my car in red satin but wasn't sure how it would look.
    this thread has made my mind up to go ahead with my plans.


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    thats hot man i love it
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    Really don't need the ladies cause the dip job can speak for itself.
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    How did u do the red satin. Looks good mate.

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    i keep coming back to look at your car

    love it.

    i wanna take it for a spin

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    holy sh*t dude! that pic with the panties coming off!

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    RE: Satin Red Evo 8

    Quote Originally Posted by hefsglass View Post
    i keep coming back to look at your car

    love it.

    i wanna take it for a spin
    So I'm not the only creeper who keeps coming back? Hahaha

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    love it!
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    How exactly is satin red achieved with dip?
    Is it simply matte red with 1-2 coats of glossifier?
    Thanks in advance

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    Nice EVO!

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    Thanks guys! And mixed 50/50 matte and gloss clear to get a satin finish

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