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Thread: Blaze green Toyota Prius wheels and black dipped emblems / trim

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    Blaze green Toyota Prius wheels and black dipped emblems / trim

    This is my wife's car and we wanted to give it a facelift when it hit 100k so what better way than doing some dipping I ended up using two cans of white base, two cans of green, and only about 3/4 can of gloss. If I had it to do over I'd do another can of green for more color uniformity. Also did the center caps black with gloss and picked up some black lugs.
    I shaved off all the rear emblems except the center one and sprayed it, the side emblems, the front emblems, and the front chrome trim bar in black dip. I may buy a smoke kit for the tail lights as they're pretty bright / flashy. Wife loves it and we get all sorts of crazy looks from it!

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    The most boss Prius I've ever seen.

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    ^^^ hahaha, amazing/awesome! Congrats Mr_Skull!
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    Holy crap batman! Not the 350hp turbocharged VW GTI, not the 09 Porsche 911... the Prius is the one that becomes famous LOL!
    She's since received smoked taillights and "ricer" stickers since then. I'll see if I can link them from my Flickr account

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    I'm a bigger fan of the VW and Porsche but I do like those stickers!

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    There's a couple of gallons of Koi Orange in the garage for the 911. Still trying to decide if we want to dip the Prius first to get some experience and then do the 911 ourselves or find someone we think is capable of doing an excellent job on the 911 in Nashville and just handing it off to them. Probably the former as I'm thinking the Prius would look good flat black

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    Mr Skull, I have never been a fan of the Prius but your wife's is too cool for school! I think that if you dipped it in Gunmetal or Charcoal would be so much better with those awesome Blaze Green rims
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    haha this was fun to read. nice job

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    That was really on CL? LOL!!! The V8 prius tho....

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    Blaze green Toyota Prius wheels and black dipped emblems / trim

    Yup. It's been dipped flat black then in **** Purplue in the meantime
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