Dipping Your Wheels

Dipping Your Wheels

Dipping your wheels is easy and effective. Matte black wheels look great on almost every color and model of car. This finish will hold up to time and weather. Dipping your wheels also protects the finish of the OEM wheel from some scratches and hides brake dust.

** Video on How To Dip Your Wheels - Without Taking the Wheels Off the Car!

Dipping Your Wheels - Taking Them Off the Car

What you'll need:
- At least 4 cans of your choice color of Plasti Dip® (Click to buy) - If you don't use enough, the coat will be too thin; and then A: it won't cover, especially if you're trying to change the color of your car, and B: it won't be thick enough to easily peel off later.
- A couple packs of 3x 5 index cards (Click to Buy) or a couple rolls of blue painters tape (Click to buy)


Your wheels should be removed from the car before you spray them. I've done it with them still on, but the brakes, fenders, ect need to be properly covered.

Wash the wheels thoroughly. Make sure there are no bugs or dirt - it has to be clean.
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Start by using index cards to protect the tires. Stick and overlap 3x5" index cards in the lip of the wheel between the rim and the tire. If you don't have index cards, use blue painters tape to protect the tire. The dip will peel off the tire, but might as well keep it clean.

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Shake the heck out of the cans - they will spray clear if you don't mix them up. Your objective is to lay down a THIN coat at first. work your way evenly around the wheel, at every angle. The first coat is THIN, barely noticeable. You need to build it up slowly - trust me i learned the hard way.

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You should go through about 1-2 cans laying down the first and second thin coats on all the wheels. Then the idea after that, is workin on one wheel at a time per coat, building up coat after coat - basically until you run out of paint. You want a smooth, thick coat to protect the wheel, give it an even finish, and so it comes off easily later.

MOST IMPORTANT THING - there is a very small forgiveness zone as far as the distance of the spray. Too close - and it will be too thick, show streaks, and bubble up with little pin holes. Too far away - it will be way too textured.. The issue here is that once you find the good distance - which is about 6 inches away, don't move. it doesn't matter if it's the first coat, or the last - if you go in too close on even one spray - you will have to redo the entire wheel - because it will stick out like a sore thumb. Use a sweeping motion, releasing the trigger on each side to side pass.. and pay close attention to the distance of the spray.

this is where extra paint comes in - because there's a good chance you will create a wet spot, thick spot, pinhole bubbles, ect - and have to rip it off and do it again. take your time, and focus on keeping the right distance and even coverage.

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I waited about an hour after the last coat, then removed all the tape and masking.

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Any questions - just email me - Fonzie@dipyourcar.com

Happy Dipping,

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