• ProLine™ Prime Coat
ProLine™ Prime Coat

ProLine™ Prime Coat


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Product Description

ProLine™ Prime Coat is your starting point for all vehicles with good/normal OEM paint conditions.  Prime Coat is applied before any of the other ProLine products to help build a foundation over the OEM paint to help avoid fisheyes or surface defects.  Prime Coat™ is applied before your color/base coats.

*If the vehicle you are working on has rough or damaged OEM paint, please use ProLine™ High Build Primer instead of Prime Coat.  Not for sale in the state of California. 

Watch the DYC ProLine™ videos here.

Spray Gun Requirements 

All ProLine™ products were designed to be sprayed through an HVLP/RP gun and compressor system.  Turbines can be used, however performance may suffer.  Stage 3 turbines (DYC Advanced System) are a minimum requirement.