Adrenaline Autosports


Adrenaline Autosports is a Premium Plus DYC Installer located at:

130 Ashford Street Bardwell, KY 42023


Store Hours

Monday - Friday:  9AM - 5PM
Saturday:              By appointment
Sunday:                Closed

(270) 445-0740

Adrenaline Autosports has been professionally installing liquid wraps for nearly 5 years. We strive for perfection and have a very high standard for quality work. We are the only Authorized Autoflex installer in he state of Kentucky as well as the Only DYC Premium Plus Installer in the state of Kentucky. We do paint and body work as well, so if your vehicle needs repairs prior to a wrap we can do it. With the expertise of knowing how to do body work we are able to disassemble, prep, spray and reassemble the vehicle properly. Giving our customers peace of mind in knowing their vehicle will be treated with care. If you are a firm believer in having quality work done, then we are the shop for you. We do everything from rims too full wraps. If we can do it with paint then we can pretty much do it with a liquid wrap. Also ask us about our warranty that comes with our Autoflex installs.

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