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AutoFlex™ High Build Primer

AutoFlex™ High Build Primer


Product Description

AutoFlex High Build Primer was formulated specifically to help create a smooth and flawless foundation for the rest of the installation.  Apply HBP first before applying Spray Wrap Pro.  The primer has an excellent resistance to fish-eyeing over imperfections in the OEM clear.  Absolute must when applying Spray Wrap Pro/AutoFlex over vehicles with chips, nicks or scratches in the OEM finish.

- Industry standard is to use HBP on every AutoFlex installation regardless of the condition of the vehicle's OEM paint.  HBP works as an insurance policy against surface imperfections, as fish eyes can pop up under any conditions.

- High Build Primer is clear in color.  The product can be lightly tinted if desired, however tinting may impact HBP's performance.

- For best results spray 2 tack coats, 1 medium coat and then 1 full wet coat of HBP before advancing to Spray Wrap Pro.

- A 1.8-2.0 tip at 18-20 PSI is recommended.  Fully open the flow rate and spray pattern on spray gun to help avoid overspray.  If overspray is experienced, a slight reduction using xylene is recommended. Product not compliant in the state of California.

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