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Clear Coat Spray 50

Clear Coat Spray 50


Product Description

50 State compliant (Low-VOC) Clear Coat Spray 50 gallon.

Use Clear Coat to mix in Pearls and Flakes, or spray alone over solid base for a semi-gloss finish. (Clear should only be applied over an appropriate base of LVOC PDS, not as a stand-alone product)

Use Black, Gunmetal Grey, Anthracite and White as base and color coats. (Please use Gunmetal Grey as base under Anthracite).

Minimum 8-10 coats is suggested for long term durability and easy peeling upon removal.

Please speak to a product technician if you have any questions at (855) 847-5825


Plasti Dip® Spray 50 cannot be used or sold in the following counties and areas within the state of California: El Dorado, Colusa, & Glenn counties Bay Area (BAAQMD)

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