• "Scratch & Dent" Root Beer PDS Gallon

"Scratch & Dent" Root Beer PDS Gallon

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Product Description

* This is a Scratch and Dent Product *

The gallon is sealed and the product is in perfectly usable condition.  However, the gallon has been damaged.  All gallons will differ in amount of damage including some or all of the following:

- Dents and creases

- Damaged labels

- Spills from being in boxes with other leaking gallons

- Drip marks from a leak that has been corrected

These gallons are highly discounted and although all product is usable, the packaging is ugly.  No refunds or returns will be excepted with Scratch and Dent purchases.  Not all gallons may be 100% full, but all have been checked if any leaking had occurred, it was minor.  Again these gallons are drastically discounted so do not expect good condition, off the shelfmaterial.