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Spray Wrap Pro™ Clear

Spray Wrap Pro™ Clear


Product Description

Get to know your new best friend.  A smooth, strong, flat substrate for unrivaled base coats, color coats, pearl coats and overall product build.  Spray Wrap Pro™ is designed for experienced, professional users looking for the highest quality liquid wrap possible. Spray Wrap Pro™ flows smoothly through an automotive HVLP spray gun with a 1.8 - 2.0 tip at 18-22 PSI.


Stats and Figures:

• Auto-Leveling formula for a flat and smooth surface (perfect for following with AutoFlex™ Gloss or Matte TopCoats)

• Ready to spray out of most HVLP compressor spray guns without need for reduction

• Slick, smooth to the touch

• Hard, strong finish

• Excellent pearl suspension

• Compatible with most available drop-in tint products (please test compatibility before using)

• Can be sprayed directly on top of most other Liquid Wrap coatings

• Advanced strength and durability

• Great UV stability


* Spray Wrap Pro can be sprayed through electronic turbine sprayers, however resulting quality reduces along with reducing PSI output of turbine.  Best results, of course, will be yielded with professional compressor spray guns. Product not compliant in the state of California.

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