• Winter Green Car Kit
Winter Green Car Kit
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Winter Green Car Kit

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Kit Contents

Small Size: 2 Avalanche Grey gallon, 2 Winter Green gallons

Medium Size: 2 Avalanche Grey gallons, 3 Winter Green gallons

Large Size: 3 Avalanche Grey gallons, 3 Winter Green gallons

Extra Large Size: 4 Avalanche Grey gallons, 4 Winter Green gallons

All Kits Include Standard Accessory Pack: PreDip Spray, Blue Painters Tape, Tape & Drape, PreWash, Microfiber Towel, Dip Washer Mitt, Cone Filters, 3/4 in. 3M Automotive Masking Tape

Upgrade to Plus Accessory Pack to also include: Canvas Wheel Covers, 32oz DipWash Concentrate and Dip Coat Protective Spray