Every customer means the world to us. Thank you.


Welcome to DipYourCar.com!  My name is Fonzie, I am the Founder and Owner of DipYourCar.  You may recognize me from our YouTube videos, and I want to personally thank you for your interest in our company and products.  We are a privately owned company, staffed by dippers and enthusiasts just like you.  Every visitor of our website, every viewer of our videos, every customer who purchases our products means the world to us. 

The DYC story begins in 2011, in my home garage.  While experimenting with different paints and coatings on my own car, I came across a product called Plasti Dip.  Plasti Dip back then was very different than the products we sell and use today - but the potential was clear.  I became obsessed with testing, changing and experimenting with the products, and soon a relationship between myself and Plasti Dip International was born.  After fine tuning the products to be safe, reliable and overall awesome; DipYourCar's original website was launched.  We've made history every since.

Since 2011 our company has grown tremendously, but the one accomplishment we are most proud of is our community of loyal fans and family.  The DYC Community is one of the tightest, friendliest and most helpful group of people you can find.  Dipping is generally a Do-It-Yourself activity, and support from not only the DYC Staff but from fellow dippers important.

I have put together a list of important links below.  Please take advantage of these resources, and never hesitate to reach out and ask for help.  Again I want to thank you for visiting DYC, and look forward to helping in any way we can.


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