Emblem & Trim Blackout Kits

DYC’s exclusive vehicle kits include everything you need to dip your emblem or grille at home.

Emblem & Badges HyperDip™ Blackout Kit

This Kit is perfect for blacking out your vehicle's emblems and badges.

Emblem & Badges HyperDip™ Blackout Kit
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Emblem & Badges HyperDip™ Blackout Kit

Grille/Mirror/Trim HyperDip™ Blackout Kit

Use this Kit to blackout your vehicle's larger trim pieces like the Grille, Mirror caps and Window Trim.

Grille/Mirror/Trim HyperDip™ Blackout Kit
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Grille/Mirror/Trim HyperDip™ Blackout Kit

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How to Do It

Videos showcasing how to properly Dip your Emblems, Grille, Mirrors and Trim.

After Care

Learn how to care for your vehicle post-dip to keep it looking fresh for years.

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