ProLine™ by DipYourCar


New ProLine™ by DipYourCar is completely different than the "dip" products you may have seen in the past. Imagine the feel of a high quality vinyl wrap and the versatility of paint in a Professional Grade removable coating.


ProLine™ provides installers benefits over and above the traditional options:

- Smooth, slick and even finishes. Repeatable results with quick turnaround
- Flows perfectly through HVLP spray guns with no need for reduction
- No adhesives or seams as seen with vinyl wraps
- Multiple Sheen Finishes allowing for more options than ever
- Compatible with pearls, metallics and tints for the freedom to make almost any color/finish desired
    DYC Pro Line™ comes in 3 unique finishes right out of the gallon:


    Frosted - Ultra, low-sheen clear that provides the flattest, most aggressive look possible.


    Matte - Low sheen clear that generates a sharp matte finish.


    Satin - Produces the perfect crisp, medium sheen Satin finish.



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