Wholesale Terms and Conditions

Your commitments to DipYourCar in order to remain an active DYC Reseller or Installer are as follows:

  • Conduct yourself in a professional and respectful manner at all times when dealing with and communicating with customers and potential customers regarding installation services.
  • Communicate clearly with DipYourCar about any problems; or for any product questions you may have.
  • You/your company may not undercut current DYC retail pricing.
  • AutoFlex Coatings cannot be advertised or sold on your website if you are not set up as an AutoFlex Coatings Distributor.
  • All Plasti Dip, DipYourCar and AutoFlex Coatings products used and promoted by yourself and your company must be purchased through DYCPros.com. If you are set up as a Premium Plus Installer, you can also purchase products from KP Pigments in NY.
  • Products purchased from DYCPros.com cannot be sold on Amazon. HyperDip products cannot be sold on Amazon or eBay.