Dark Grey Spray 50

Dark Grey Spray 50

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Dark Grey Spray 50

Dark Grey Spray 50

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the most popular, proven safe Peelable Paint

Plasti Dip Spray gallons from DYC are the world's most popular, proven safe Peelable Auto Paint system. They allow you to change the color of your car, protect the factory finish, and peel off the dip to go back to the original color without any previous painting experience. The colors are a clean, matte finish and easy to spray. Perfect for larger scale Do-It-Yourself projects where the aerosol is simply not adequate. Use DYC's gallons to control the look of your vehicle and change the color yourself!

Plasti Dip gallon colors can be layered if desired. For brighter colors (Yellows, Reds, Oranges, Greens, Pinks), a base of Avalanche Grey is recommended. If you wish to dip your whole car, please consider one of our all inclusive Pro Car Kits to do the job.

Choosing your sprayer:

Plasti Dip gallons are designed to be sprayed through turbine systems such as the DYC DipSprayer or Advanced DipSprayer they are traditionally too thick to be sprayed through an HVLP. HVLP may produce dry spray and can ruin the finish.

Plasti Dip protects dipped surfaces from acids, abrasion, corrosion, impact, salts, moisture and weathering. It remains flexible, stretchy and will not crack, or become brittle in extreme temperatures when applied correctly.

Clean each surface with PreDip Spray to remove any dirt, debris, oils, waxes, grease, or loose rust, then let dry completely before spraying Plasti Dip. Coat each dipped surface with DipCoat Protective Spray 4 hours after dip has dried for best results. Temperature guidelines: Ideal temps for application range from 30F - 95F. The colder the temps, the longer the dry times between coats.

Test all applications in a small inconspicuous area to make sure it will meet your expectations and is suitable for each unique surface. Although Plasti Dip has proven to be safe and predictable, every surface is unique and it's impossible to predict how each surface will react.

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