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Dip Foam System Kit® (Includes Gallon of Dip Wash)

Dip Foam System Kit® (Includes Gallon of Dip Wash)


Product Description

Includes a gallon of Dip Wash

Give your car an amazing touch free wash! Works excellent to quickly and effectively clean regular or dipped cars. Using the Dip Foam System® and a foaming car wash (like DipWash®), cover your car with a thick snow foam that removes dirt, grease, oil and debris from even the smallest cracks and crevices! Less than 10 minutes to give your car a fun and thorough cleaning. See similar foamers elsewhere priced over $149.00! We use the Dip Foam System® here at DYC every morning to get the shop cars in show condition to display in front of the shop each day. Connects to either a gas or electric power washer.

Requires a Pressure Washer with a flow rate of 1.5 to 5.3 GPM

Dip Wash® is designed as a gentle, low ph balanced wash that pairs perfectly with dipped cars or surfaces. Some washes can leave white residue behind on dipped cars. Dip Wash® helps maintain a clean, long lasting finish.

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